Southwest Protestant Reformed, Grandville, MI


Southwest PRC was organized in 1926 as the second Protestant Reformed church in Grand Rapids. Over time, it migrated from Roosevelt Park through Wyoming and ended up in Grandville.

Historical DetailsEdit


  1. Roosevelt Park PRC, 1932-41
  2. Second PRC, 1941-58
  3. Southwest PRC, 1958-present


  1. 1514 Roosevelt Avenue SW, Grand Rapids, 1925-39
  2. 1456 Ellen Avenue SW, Wyoming, 1939-57
  3. 2019 Porter Street SW, Wyoming, 1957-60
  4. 1854 Porter Street SW, Wyoming, 1960-78
  5. 4875 Ivanrest Avenue SW, Grandville, 1978-present


  1. Herman Hoeksema, 1925-26
  2. Bernard Kok, 1929-37
  3. R. Veldman, 1937-39
  4. Marinus Schipper, 1939-45
  5. S. Cammenga, 1945-48
  6. J. Blankespoor, 1949-53
  7. Marinus Schipper, 1954-62
  8. George C. Lubbers, 1964-70
  9. Herman Veldman, 1971-78
  10. Michael J. De Vries, 1978-85
  11. M. Kamps, 1986-92
  12. Ronald L. Cammenga, 1993-present

Membership OverviewEdit

Membership DataEdit


Data source: Yearbooks of the Protestant Reformed Churches. Dates are year prior to publication date since data is gathered at the end of one year and published in the next.

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