Southeast Protestant Reformed, Grand Rapids, MI


Southeast PRC was organized in 1944 as Fourth Protestant Reformed Church. The church suffered a schism in 1954 resulting in 44 families following Rev. Cammenga and 40 remaining loyal to Rev. Veldman. The Cammenga group became Faith Christian Reformed Church, which disbanded in 1978.

Historical DetailsEdit


  1. 1701 Kalamazoo Ave. SE, 1944-59
  2. Adams Street Christian School, 1150 Adams Street SE, 1959
  3. 1535 Cambridge Drive SE, 1959-present


  1. Richard Veldman, 1944-61
  2. Marinus Schipper, 1962-78
  3. Carl J. Haak, 1979-86
  4. Steven R. Key, 1986-91
  5. Dale H. Kuiper, 1992-2002
  6. William Langerak 2003-present

Membership OverviewEdit

Membership DataEdit


Data source: Yearbooks of the Protestant Reformed Churches. Dates are year prior to publication date since data is gathered at the end of one year and published in the next.

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