The Netherlands Reformed denomination began on January 8, 1877 when the Grand Rapids, MI, and Lodi, NJ, congregations established ties. Although the Lodi church soon left, it was replaced by a congregation at Passaic (now Clifton), NJ, in 1883. The denomination grew to three when the True Dutch Reformed Church of South Holland, IL, separated itself from the Christian Reformed Church and joined the NRC.

Other additions included Sheboygan, WI, in 1906; Paterson, NJ, in 1907; and Kalamazoo, MI, in 1909. Since several NRC churches began independently and then joined the denomination, the below list of congregations by date of organization does not correspond to date of affiliation with the NRC. (If someone can provide such information, I will gladly add it.)

The Heritage Reformed denomination has published a helpful, informative history on its website, which is also the history of the NRC through 1993.

There is also an informal denominational website hosted by a member of the Netherlands Reformed Congregations.

Churches by Date of OrganizationEdit

  1. South Holland, Illinois, True Dutch Reformed Church (now Lansing, IL). Organized Jan. 27, 1865 as a Christian Reformed congregation. Withdrew from CRC, 1886.
  2. Grand Rapids, Michigan, First. Organized Oct. 30, 1870.
  3. Clifton, New Jersey. Organized Nov. 26, 1883.
  4. Grand Rapids, Michigan (Covell Avenue, formerly Turner Avenue). Organized Dec. 10, 1887.
  5. Kalamazoo, Michigan. Organized Aug. 6, 1889.
  6. Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, Ebenezer. Organized June 21, 1906.
  7. Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Organized 1910.
  8. Sioux Center, Iowa. Organized Oct. 13, 1913.
  9. Rock Valley, Iowa. Organized 1914.
  10. Grand Rapids, Michigan, Ottawa Avenue. 1923-47.
  11. Corsica, South Dakota. Organized Nov. 1928.
  12. Sunnyside, Washington. Organized July 1941.
  13. Norwich, Ontario. Organized Oct. 22, 1950.
  14. Lethbridge, Albera. Organized May 25, 1951.
  15. Waupun, Wisconsin. Organized Oct. 29, 1951.
  16. Chilliwack, British Columbia. Organized Apr. 30, 1952.
  17. St. Catharines, Ontario. Organized July 7, 1952.
  18. Calgary, Alberta. Begun June 1954. Unorganized.
  19. Artesia, California. Organized June 16, 1955.
  20. Bradford, Ontario. Organized Nov. 11, 1955.
  21. Unionville, Ontario (now Markham). Organized Sept. 1, 1957.
  22. Fort Macleod, Alberta. Organized June 23, 1961
  23. Lynden, Washington. Organized May 19, 1971.
  24. Hamilton, Ontario, Bethel. Organized Jan. 8, 1975.
  25. Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Organized Jan. 27, 1982.
  26. Fairy Meadow, Australia, Reformed Congregation of Australia. Established 1985.
  27. Picture Butte, Alberta. Organized June 3, 1999.

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